Color Quiz - Results

Thank you for taking the Color Quiz! These results are provided as a fun way to examine your personality but even though the results are very accurate you should not consider them a diagnosis. See a doctor or psychologist for that!

Your Existing Situation

"Organized and detail-oriented, he has a very precise and methodical manner. He needs relationships which offer him understanding, respect, and approval."

Your Stress Sources

"Not a team player and is unwilling to be involved in most activities. In the past he was over involved and now emotionally drained. Due to his fear of over involvement, he now chooses to remain uninvolved with the activities around him. "

Your Restrained Characteristics

Giving more than he is getting back and feels misunderstood and unappreciated. Feels he is being forced into compromising and even his close relationships leave him feeling emotional distant.

Is satisfied and finds contentment through sexual activity.

He is being forced to be happiness and pleasure on hold for new due to his limiting circumstances.

Your Desired Objective

Very active imagination and may be prone to fantasies and daydreaming. Always dreaming of interesting and exciting things to happen to him. Is a charmer and wants to be admired for that.

Your Actual Problem

"Fears he will be held back from achieving things he really wants, leading him to search endlessly for satisfaction and become involved in activities which are pointless."

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